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The Magnificent Seven Website Builders

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Published by in Website Building · 28 January 2019
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The Magnificent Seven Website Builders
Today, it’s not hard to set up a website for yourself or your small business, thanks to these easy site builders.
2.       Wix
3.       Shopify
4.       Weebly
5.       Squarespace
6.       Website X5
7.       Duda
Other newcomers to this market that you may wish to consider include uKit, Strikingly and Simvoly
Why You Need a Website
Yes, you need a presence on Facebook, with a business page etc, and the same can be said for twitter and a lot of the other social media platforms. However, if you really want your business, organisation, or personal brand to have:
·         credibility
·         authority
·         and trustworthiness,
then you simply must have your own website!
Unlike a Facebook page (that basically looks the same as all others in terms of design), you’ll have complete control over its design and content.  You can create a unique brand image, an ecommerce store, and most importantly of all, have less distractions (ads etc) than the social media sites.   
Creating your own website used to need a lot of technical knowhow. BUT now, we live in the age of easy online site builders. The services listed here allow you to create stylish, mobile-friendly websites with very little technical knowledge.
Larger companies spend thousands of pounds to have their custom-designed professional looking websites built. But today, there is absolutely no need for smaller businesses and individuals to spend that kind of money. From as little as £7 per month and a few hours of your time, the services included here can help you create a unique, attractive website.
Simple Drag and Drop Services
By using simple drag-and-drop interfaces, you create everything yourself. These interfaces let you include, photo galleries, blogs, media players, shopping carts and social share buttons. Plus, some even let you restrict areas of the websites with a password and allow you to have people join up as members of your site.
Free Website Builders
WordPress, Weebly and Wix are among the best options with their free offerings. However, if you choose this option, your site will include branding from the provider, which makes your site much less impressive to the shrewd shopper or visitor. Read the fine print to find out how much you get with each provider, as the free offerings vary greatly with regard to the amount of storage and bandwidth they allow.
Your Websites Domain Name
This is the web address of your site. For example, Nearly all of the site builders listed here help you to register a unique domain. However, if you've already acquired one from a third-party registrar such as, then you usually have to pay the site builder a fee to have it registered.
Make Your Website Unique
With each project you’ll begin by selecting a template from the vast range most services listed here have. They all use templates that meet the needs of most website owners and all automatically reformat your site for viewing on mobile devices. To make it unique, the site builders allow you to change the colour schemes, fonts, and page layouts. and
Some say, WordPress powers thirty percent of the internet. It really is a big name when it comes to creating websites and should be considered very highly when making your decision to create a website. However, there is a big difference between and
Most people who are experienced in the world of the internet regard WordPress as the free, open-source blogging platform that comes from To use this, necessitates you to find your own website hosting service like Hostgator or GoDaddy. This site-building platform is so popular that many web hosting services offer managed WordPress hosting plans. Whereas, is a service that organises and hosts the software for you, so you have no need to find your own.
Which Site Builder Do You Choose?
With so many choices for a site builder, we have narrowed it down to the Magnificent Seven listed above! It all depends on what your needs are.  Our advice is, to take your time and look at all the options carefully.
The easiest services to use are Duda, Wix and Weebly, but they all have their pros and cons to consider. WordPress is a superb site builder, but not quite as easy to use as the others, however if you build a site this way you learn a very valuable, highly sought-after skill.
We have step by step tutorials in all the services listed in our members area. Just by watching these will give you a clear indication of how these services can help you.

Check out these simple step by step tutorials to help you build your own website;
  • For Wordpress click here
  • For Wix click here
  • For Shopify click here
  • For Weebly click here
  • For Squarespace click here
  • For Website X5 click here
  • And for Duda click here
Good luck and we hope this article has helped you with your website decisions.

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