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What Sells Best On the Internet Today?

Make Extra Money
Published by in Digital Products · 24 January 2019
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What Sells Best on the Internet Today?  

If you are just starting out as an online entrepreneur, or have already started, but need ideas to boost your profits, then read on...
You can sell almost anything online today, but probably the most efficient and profitable way to make money online is with products that can be delivered digitally. For example, music, videos, eBooks, software, graphics etc
Digital Product ideas:
Affiliate Programs – Instant start but you have no control
This is a partnership between a product owner and an affiliate, where the affiliate’s aim is to promote the owner’s product or service by placing ads or links through his or her website. The product owner, in turn, pays commission to the affiliate for promoting the product.
Advantages of Joining an Affiliate Program
  • Product Owners get free advertising space and will only pay for proven results i.e. pay per sale, pay per click or pay per lead.
  • Whereas, affiliates require only an advertising space to promote the owner’s products, and therefore can sit back and enjoy watching the money roll in.
Disadvantages of an Affiliate Program
  • False advertising on the affiliate’s website can destroy a product owner’s reputation. Unfortunately, more and more affiliates are taking this route these days.
  • There’s a risk that affiliates are not paid. A bent product owner may simply leave and shut down the program without paying the affiliate.
  • Because affiliate programs can have a high payoff potential, it has also become a target for crooks and scammers wanting to highjack other people’s hard work. These fraudster’s simply take advantage of the internet’s mask of anonymity.

If You Are Careful – Affiliate Programs are well Worth a Shot...
Affiliate programs are still one of the best ways to generate income on the Internet. They are particularly helpful to those wanting to make extra money without having to spend too much time and effort monitoring sales. Product Owner’s and affiliates must be cautious when negotiating a partnership. If you want to participate in a program, you must know who you are dealing with. Research in affiliate communities will give you a good indication of a potential partner.
The following companies offer great affiliate opportunities but remember to check and double check the participants!
    • CJ Affiliates -
    • Clickbank -
    • JV Zoo -     
Resell Licenses - Instant start, better control and you keep all the money  
The problem is, high quality digital products can be quite expensive. You can pay anything from £197 to £2,997 for a license of decent product.
When purchasing make sure you can re-brand and re-title it.  These products are produced by experts in their particular fields and linking your brand to quality products will only enhance your reputation.
This is a far better option to affiliate programs. We have a fabulous range of highly searched for niche products... Click here to check out our quality products with resell licenses at amazing prices.
Your Own ProductsYou have full control, eBooks, eCourses, software (the list is endless)
Ask yourself this - what am I currently doing? Can I sell what I’m already doing or selling on the internet?
Can I develop some information products based on my profession – how to videos, or eBooks etc
What is your expertise or specialised knowledge? Do you have a hobby? This is the best product route if you are passionate about it and have the time to create products. All you do, is share your knowledge with rest of the world. The internet makes it possible and it can be extremely profitable too.

Today’s Trend
Video learning is highly popular today. Also known as e-Learning, people are now opting to learn new skills at their own pace, in their own time through online eCourses!
Yes, learning habits have changed, people don’t like sitting in classrooms listening to boring lectures any more, they prefer bite size learning, on the go. You’ll see people on the way to work watching a video on their mobile phone, discovering new skills at their own pace.
Think of skill you would like to learn, there are courses all over the internet that can help you. One thing I would say here, yes there are lots of free courses out there to help you, especially on YouTube etc, but trust me, the best courses are always paid for.
For example...
We sell a tennis product called ‘Teach Yourself Tennis’. This product is absolutely fantastic. You won’t find free information like this on YouTube! I’ve played tennis since I could walk and reached a fairly high standard. However, this video series really improved my tennis. It’s very different from traditionally taught tennis and it got me back to winning tournaments again.
What a great product to sell as an eCourse – Check it out here....
We hope this article has helped you with finding a product to sell in your online business.

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