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Certificate of Reprint & Duplication Rights
Full, Lifetime, Reproduction & Reseller’s Authorisation

  1. These rights include the right to change the price or title of this product, in whole or in part.
  2. They do NOT include the right to resell or grant the “Reprint & Duplication Rights” to others
  3. This product may NOT be given away free – either as individual videos nor as complete sets, online or offline.
  4. The licensed product may be distributed offline as physical DVD recordings, or online – but may NOT be made available on any free video service open to the general public without payment. (i.e. They may NOT be displayed openly on YouTube or similar free to view sites)
  5. The product may NEVER be sold as part of any MLM scheme or similar.
  6. This product may NOT be marketed using “spam” (unsolicited email)
  7. This license may NOT be transferred nor resold
  8. The product should be rebranded. Such rebranding may not use the name of the trainer in its titles.
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